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Welcome to Stay Focused

Great photos are born in the camera

28 Tips for Better Photos

A great collection of easy to master tips for taking even better photos. This quick read has proven techniques whether you use a point-and-shoot, DLSRs and mobile phone camera. Find out more about 28 Tips for Better Photos.

Digital SLR Camera Users

We can show you how to solve common shooting problems and capture the best photos that your DSLR camera promises. That's what our Stay Focused Guides are all about.

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Video Photography Too

Jim Oldfield's 30 Minute Guide to 30 Second Videos shows you how to turn your clips into short, entertaining videos.

NEW! We're mobile too

Our books are also available as instant apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Photography as art and expression

Use your iPad as a platform for our new Vista Series featuring great landscapes and scenery. Available now are the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Military Aircraft, Commerical Aircraft with more on the way

Be a "Show Off"

The easiest way to present your stills and videos. PC software for DVDs, CDs, web, mobile, more.
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