28 Tips for Better Photos
by Arnie Lee

Great photos are born in the camera.

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28 Tips For Better Photographs
Great results from these easy to follow tips

No doubt you've seen many amazing photos that others are posting to their Facebook, Flickr or Picassa accounts. Maybe you've thought "I wish I could take photos like those".

This eBook may not turn you into a professional, but it can surely go a long way towards improving your shots.

Whether you use a digital SLR, a point-and-shoot or a mobile phone camera, these techniques will help you capture even better photos.

Discover how easy it is to liven up your photos with these 28 simple tips in only 64 colorful pages.

28 Tips for Better Photographs is available in the following eBook formats:

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iPad, iPhone

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Here's a few of the simple tips that you'll read about:

On the left is a picture of a little girl. Not bad, but you we haven't a clear idea of her facial expression.

By simply kneeling down so that we are at the same level as the child, we can capture her full expression, something that isn't possible with previous photo.

lower your viewpoing

Here are two action shots of a girl on a swing. The photos on the left shows a lot of blur.

By increasing the shutter speed of the camera, we can freeze the action and capture the child's excitement mid-swing

eliminating movement

Other tips include:

  • Get Down
  • Move In Closer
  • Patience Counts
  • Capturing The Motion
  • Continuous Shooting
  • Direction of The Light
  • Lighting Tricks
  • Frame Cleverly
  • The Eyes Have It
  • Turn Your Camera
  • The Long And Short Of It
  • Take A Short Walk
  • Wide Is Nice
  • Step Up
  • Getting Down (To Business)
  • Up, Up and Away
  • Photographing Clouds
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Avoiding Orange Tinted Photographs
  • Avoiding Blue Tinted Photographs
  • Flash Is More Than Just For Low Light Situations
  • Shooting Buildings At Night
  • Bustling Nighttime Action
  • Tricky Landscape Is Washed Out
  • Subject Is Too Dark
  • Using A Reflector To Fix Dark Photos
  • The Sky Is Too Light