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Sharing your photos

13th February 2011

Sharing your Photos over the Web

For more than ten years I’ve been taking photos of airplanes and trains. As you can imagine, over this time period I’ve accumulated quite a large collection. In fact, these photos now number in the tens of thousands.

Not long after I became interested in these subjects, I knew that one of my goals was to share these photos with others. I looked for an inexpensive and easy way to share them online and discovered a software package called Gallery.

Gallery isn’t for everyone. In fact, you’ll need a good deal of technical knowledge and your own web server to use it. I won’t go into the details other than to say that we’ve been using Gallery trouble-free for years to share several hundred photos.

You can see our large collection of aircraft, trains and celebrities at the Abacus Gallery. For more information about Gallery please go to Menalto.

Action Tip # 6

25th October 2010

Continuous Shooting

Most digital SLR and many point-and-shoots have a feature called continuous shooting that lets you capture several photos in a very short period of time. This is also referred to burst mode. So at the soccer game, by keeping the shutter depressed you can capture your star player as she runs towards the action, swivels her leg into launch position behind her, quickly drives her kicking shoe forward and finally strikes the ball.

On a recent outing, I caught one of our future diving stars practicing at the pool. With the camera set to take continuous photos, I quickly fired off nine shots as she made her big leap into the water.

Pressing the shutter was the easy part.