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Taking Flight

08th February 2015

Things With Wings


Like many others, I’ve been fascinated with flight and things that fly.

On a recent trip to the parts of the USA where the sun is bright and warm, I had another chance to look skyward.

Here’s a short gallery of some of the sitings that caught my eye.


For those who are interested these photos are from Death Valley National Park, Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, McCarran International Airport, Creech AFB, Nellis AFB and Everglades National Park.
Written by: Arnie Lee


One way to overcome boredom

17th November 2010

Flying can be boring, especially if I’m on a long flight. I mean, after reading the in-flight magazine isn’t there another 3 hours left to kill until I reach my destination? Sure I can take a nap, but it’s just a short cat nap – I’m frequently awakened by the pockets of turbulence along the way.

Here’s one way that I’ve managed to stay occupied during a long flight. Since my early school days, I’ve been interested in geography. I’ve combined this interest with another one – photography. When the clouds aren’t obscuring the earth, I often take pictures of the amazing scenes below.

When flying over cities, it’s usually easy to pick out familiar landmarks – skyscrapers, bridges, stadiums, rivers. But as the plane leaves these familiar environs, it becomes increasingly difficult to know what’s down there.

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