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Summer Faces

31st May 2016



Just Faces

Here’s a small album of pictures that show you that Summer is here.





















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Portrait Tip #2

02nd September 2010

Portraits are one the most common type of photographs. We’d like to share some tips for taking better people pictures.

Direction of the Light

Shooting people outdoors offers a wide variety of lighting. Observe and take advantage of the direction from which it is falling on your subject.

Here the lighting originates predominantly from behind the subject. This backlighting produces shadows on much of the girl’s face.

For this shot, we turned the subject slightly so that the light is coming from the side. By doing this, we have added a more “rounded” and fuller look to the facial features.

Portrait Tip # 1

30th July 2010

Portraits are the most common type of photographs. We’d like to share some of our know-how for taking better people pictures.

Lighting Tricks
Portraits are usually composed using soft, even lighting. However, you can put strong and high contrast lighting to good use by carefully posing your subject.

This photo was taken in the shade where the light was soft. This type of lighting made the young girl’s skin tones equally soft.

Here, I’ve placed the subject in a location that has strong side lighting. I like the effect on the highlighted side of the face. Take care not to overexpose the highlights.