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Polaroid Redux

If you’re old enough to remember the phrase instant photography then you’ll know Polaroid. For several decades beginning in the 1950’s you would often see picture takers peeling the negative backing from their print to reveal a magical photograph.


Last week I traveled to New York to attend the PhotoPlus Expo, a yearly gathering where major manufacturers of photographic equipment and accessories exhibit their wares and providers of services and training hold sessions and demonstrations for both professionals and the interested public.

I’m told that some 22,000 of the photographically inclined attended the expo over the three days. PPE which just celebrated its 30th anniversary, is held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

In coming articles, I’ll have several reports on some of the new equipment and accessories that I found interesting at this year’s PPE.

I’ll start this short series of articles with a piece of equipment which is a throwback to a much earlier time. Those of you who recall Polaroid are familiar with the concept of “instant” photography. With a Polaroid camera, after you press the shutter, a stiff sheet of shiny paper is ejected from its side and after 60 seconds (not quite instantly) the image magically develops on the paper.


For several years now, Fuji has been selling a replacement for the defunct Polaroid system. Their newest model, the Instax Mini 90, uses a 10 exposure ‘print pack’.

The Mini 90 is a solidly built and very retro black. The white, blue and pink models are from their previous Mini 8 and Mini 25 series. Print pack pricing breaks down at a cost of about $1 each.

The film packs are either with white background or “rainbow” with a variety of background colors.

The Fuji representative captured my face using one of the Mini 90 cameras to prove to me that it was real! The image takes about 10 seconds to appear and the coloring is quite good.


I have seen these cameras being used a weddings, showers and other gatherings and the Fuji rep confirmed their popularity. If you have need for quick prints, this is certainly a foolproof and affordable way to get them.

You can find out more about the Mini 90 at Fuji Instant Photo System.
Written by: Arnie Lee







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