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Descending on Las Vegas

02nd December 2010

In years gone by, November was the time to travel to Comdex, the huge COMputer DEaler eXhibition. For as long as it was alive – some 25 years, I attended the Comdex Expo in Las Vegas.

Although the last Comdex took place in 2003, I’ve continued to travel to Las Vegas to analyze and discuss the publishing business with two of my closest friends. Lest you think these trips are gambling junkets, we actually visit lots of mass merchandise, retail and book stores to gauge the products, trends and competition. And most of us don’t gamble at the tables – the publishing business is a big enough gamble.

Well, this November was a little different. Due to other pressing issues, my two friends were unable to make it to Las Vegas this year. Not wanting to cancel my plane reservations and forfeit the airfare, I decided to turn the 4-1/2 day jaunt into a series of mini photo trips. Armed with a couple of cameras, a notebook computer and an iPad, I once again descended on Las Vegas.

To maximize the use of my time there, I developed a rather hectic schedule:

arrive by air 10:00 AM
pick up rental car 11:00 AM
photos in Red Rock Canyon Nat’l Rec Area 2:30 PM
night time photos of The Strip – north end

photos in Valley of Fire State Park 8:00 AM
photos at Nellis Air Force Base 12:00 PM
night time photos of The Strip – entire

photos in Death Valley (150 miles) 7:00 AM
dinner and photos at MGM 8:00 PM

photos in Zion National Park (170 miles) 7:00 AM
night time photos of The Strip – north end

photos at Mt Charleston 8:00 AM
photos at Sunset Park/McCarran Airport 1:00 PM
night time photos of The Strip – south end
drop off rental car 9:00 PM
depart by air 11:00 PM

Red Rock Canyon

dusk at Red Rock Canyon

Below are a few photos from each of these mini photo trips. My conclusion is that with careful planning and a lot of running around, I can fit a lot of different types of photography into a very short period of time.

Arch Rock in Valley of Fire

multi-color formations in Valley of Fire

F-16 Falcon at Nellis Air Force Base

HH-60 Pavehawk at Nellis Air Force Base

Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley

Badwater salt flats in Death Valley

one of the great dinner dishes from Joel Robuchon

inside the MGM at L’Atelier

rain-swollen Virgin River in Zion National Park

snowy and rainy rocks in Zion National Park

early snow at Mt Charleston Lodge

grove of Joshua trees near Mt Charleston

American B737 from Sunset Park

US Air B737 on short final to Rwy 25L

Rialto Bridge at The Venetian

view from City Center

skyward view of Mandalay Bay

departing view of the strip

As you can see, I packed a lot of activities into only a few days. When I returned the rental car to Hertz, I found that I had driven 1100 miles during my stay. I did manage to make a big dent in my workload but didn’t quite complete all of my assignments. So I’ll be back again soon. But next time, I’ll have to plan a little more flexibly and arrive equipped to shoot in inclement weather.

Written by Arnie Lee


Equipment used:
Canon T2i
Canon 7D
Canon SX210IS
Canon 10-22mm lens
Canon 75-300mm lens
Sigma 18-200mm lens
Lowepro Fastpak 350
PhotoTrackr GPS

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